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*COMIC BOOK ART: Covers - For trade or cash offers *

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Title Issue Page Price
ADAMS, ART - Play Station Magazine Preview '98, sooo many video game heroes! $For sale or trade
ADAMS, NEAL - Rock Comics #1 cover, Adams cover and story- Thor as rock star, 1979 $For sale
ADAMS, NEAL - Showcase #80 cover - 1st Silver-age Phantom Stranger - one of Neal' best covers! $For Sale
ADAMS, NEAL - Superman record cover, with Supercop 1975 - shown with record cover $For sale
ADAMS, NEAL signed - Emergency comic cover logo icon art 1976 $For Sale
ALAMY, CHRISTIAN - Superman Annual #5 cover Cyborg Superman, 1st / origin Myriad (Sasha Green) - Venev; Gemir $sold - looking for more!
ALLRED, MIKE - Madman #20 cover, G-Man part 4, Dark Horse $For Sale, email VALNSTEVEZ@AOL.COM
ANDRU, ROSS - Heart and Soul #1 twice-up cover, 1954 $For Sale
ANDRU, ROSS / DICK GIORDANO - DC Special BlueRibbon #4 back cover, Green Lantern villains $For sale or trade
AVON OEMING, MICHAEL - Brian Michael Bendis' Powers #1 Marvel Comics c/o Icon 2004 1st cover, detectives Christian Walker & Deena Pilgrim signed 2005 $For Sale
BAGGE, PETER - The Bradleys #5 cover, special Christmas issue $For sale or trade
BAKER, MATT - Bomber Comics #5 final cover - starring Wonder Boy (Spring 1945) published by Gilberton/Classics $For Sale
BARKS, CARL - Walt Disney Comics & Stories #309 cover, full cover - Donald & Daisy - key pedigree $For Trade or cash offers
BARR, KEN - Doc Savage #4 1st version cover. Marvel magazine 1976 $Send Email Address for price
BARRETO, EDUARDO - Robin #47 cover, Batman, Nightwing Robin $For Sale
BENJAMIN, RYAN - Ghost / Batgirl #2 1st Cover, New Batgirl + Oracle Barbara Gordon 2000 $For sale or trade
BIRO, CHARLES - Daredevil Comics #56 cover, DD's kid sidekicks, hand-colored by Biro ! $For Trade or Sale
BISSETTE, STEVE / JOHN TOTLEBEN - Swampthing #50 cover + prelim cover, ST & key DC supernatural Heroes $For Trade or cash offers
BRADSTREET, TIM - Punisher #46 cover, Punisher is not looking good after being shot so many times! Shells on overlay $For Sale or Trade
BRAMLEY, PETER - Larry Niven' "The Shape of Space" cover painting with Puppeteer, first printing, Known Space, Kzin, 1969 $For Sale
BUCKINGHAM, MARK - Miracleman: Apocrypha #1 painted cover, Marvel Man & cast 1991 $For Trade or cash offers
BUSCEMA, JOHN - Fantastic Four #135 larger-size cover, FF vs Dragon Man $For sale or trade
BUSCEMA, JOHN / TOM PALMER signed by both - Galactus The Devourer #5 1st cover, Silver Surfer, Shi'ar Empress $For Sale
BUSCEMA, JOHN P/I - Fantastic Four Cover Icon, FF, Crystal, Capt Marvel $For Sale
BYRNE, JOHN - Alpha Flight #28 cover, Hulk & Secret Wars X-over $For Sale
BYRNE, JOHN - Amazing Spiderman Annual #23 cover, Spidey & SheHulk vs Abomination 1980's $For Sale
BYRNE, JOHN - Avengers West Coast #49 cover corner box logo, 9 Avengers & Great Lakes Avengers $For Trade
BYRNE, JOHN - Namor #11 cover, Namor and the Invaders vs Master Man and Warrior Woman $For sale or trade!
CAMPBELL, J. SCOTT - Gen 13 v2 #9 cover, Fairchild under Trance' spell 1996 $For Sale
CANIFF, MILT - Terry and the Pirates #13 production & art cover, Burma, dancing girl, 1948 $For Sale
CARDY, NICK - Aquaman #44 published art cover, Aquaman to die! $For Sale
CARDY, NICK - Superboy #186 cover, taken by Green Kryptonite; jail riot $Sold - looking for more!
CARDY, NICK - Superboy & legion of Superheroes #198 cover (2nd issue new Legion series, Superboy vs Fatal Five) $NFS
CARDY, NICK - Superman #254 first cover - Neal Adams' only Superman story inside $For Sale
CARDY, NICK - Teen Titans #27 cover, Titans as superheroes disbanded - Kid Flash, Speedy, Hawk, large Wonder Girl on Moon 1970 $For sale
CARDY, NICK / CARMINE INFANTINO layouts - Flash #216 cover, Flash vs Mr Element $For sale
CARDY, NICK / CARMINE INFANTINO layouts - Flash #216 cover, Flash vs Mr Element $For sale or trade
CHADWICK, PAUL - Concrete: Fragile Creature book cover, without overlay $For Sale
CHAYKIN, HOWARD - Avengers 1959 #1 cover, Nick Fury, Sabertooth, Blonde Phantom, Namora, Kraven, Fortune $For Sale
CHIANG, CLIFF - Fantastic Four alternate cover, 2005 $For Sale
CHIANG, CLIFF - Spider‑Gwen #2 rarer variant cover, Radioactive Spider-Qwen over the city 2015 $For Sale
CHIODO, JOE - Vampirella v2 #2 cover C- 2up size+ Painting 2001 $For Sale
CHRIS CROSS - Captain Marvel v2 #$ cover, Drax with slave-girls, Captain Marvel bound $For sale
COLAN, GENE - Jemm, Son of Saturn #12 DC cover, last issue $For sale
COLAN, GENE - Wonder Woman #288 cover, Thomas & Colan relaunch series - 1st Modern Wonder Woman $For Sale
DAVIS, ALAN - 2000 AD #3 cover, Alan Moore's DR & Quinch with Alan's Judge Dredd Strontium Dog art + extra overlay covering the hand-drawn figures $For sale or trade
DeGUZMAN, ALBERT re-inking BOB KANE - Batman & 1st Robin's oath - Warner Brothers Store Litho Art 1996, based on Detective Comics #40 1940 $For Sale
DODSON, TERRY - Heroic Age Atlas #1 cover- Namora, Venus, Marvel Boy, 3-D Man, Gorilla-Man, Human Robot - 1950s Marvel with no logo $For Sale
DRINGENBERG, MIKE - Amazing Heroes #185 all hand-drawn ink painting, Death cover, Sandman Gaiman Dringe issue, 1990 $For Sale
DWYER, KIERON & CRAIG RUSSELL - Detective Comics Annual #8 cover, Batman Year One - Batman, Riddler & henchwomen 1995 $For Sale, email VALNSTEVEZ@AOL.COM
EVERETT, BILL / STARLIN, JIM - Crypt of Shadows #2 cover, monster horror $For Sale
FERRY, PASCUAL - Action Comics #809 cover, Clark Kent; Lois Lane & skull? of Creeper / Jack Ryder 2003 NEW $For Sale
FRENZ, RON & JOE SINNOTT - Fantastic Four #305 Cover recreation cover Please Inquire
FRENZ, RON - Fantastic Four #305 pencil cover- uninked Please Inquire
GAMMILL, Kerry - El Paso Comicon Book cover 1983- Superman, Frankenstein, Indiana Jones, Prince Valiant, Ewok 1983 $For Sale
GAMMILL, Kerry - El Paso Comicon Cover 1983 REF $REF only
GARCIA LOPEZ, JOSE LUIS - DC Promo figures: Batman Robin Green-Lantern Shazam 1980s $SOLD
GARCIA LOPEZ, JOSE LUIS - DC Promo figures: Wonder-Woman Aquaman Cyborg Firestorm 1980s $SOLD
GARCIA LOPEZ, JOSE LUIS - Superman #310 cover, pencil layout. Superman vs Metallo $For Sale
GARNEY, RON / DAN GREEN - Hulk #4 cover "Panic in the Sky" 1999 $For Sale
GARNEY, RON / DAN GREEN - Hulk #4 cover detail, without the production / logo overlay. 1999 $For Sale
GIFFEN, KEITH - Video Jack #1 cover, 1st Marvel Issue $For Sale
GIORDANO, DICK - Wonder Woman : Invaders from Mars giant-story-book, huge! 19 x 24 1980 $SOLD
GRELL, MIKE - Batman #289 cover, Batman vs Skull Dugger - 3rd cover in Grell's run 1977 NEW $Trade Only
GUICE, BUTCH - Action Comics #695 cover, Superman + Lobo $For Trade or cash offer
GUICE, JACKSON - Birds of Prey #22 cover, Black Canary, Deathstroke, Lady Vic $for Sale
GULACY, PAUL - Batman Outlaws #3 cover, Batman, Huntress, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing 2000 $For Sale
HA, GENE - Fantastic Four #515 cover, full team shot $For Sale
HARDMAN, GABRIEL - Hulk #33 cover, Red Hulk vs Zero/One, Black Fog, Omegex $SOLD - looking for more!
HECK, DON / FRANK GIACOIA - Avengers #47 twice-up cover, Magneto after Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch $For Sale
HINDELANG, DAVID Iconography Studios - Rocket Racoon painting $For Sale
HOBERG, RICK - Batman #380 full-size Pencil Cover, Batman & Robin 2, Nocturna, Night-Slayer 1985 $For Sale
HUGHES, ADAM - JLA #31 prelim cover, 1st for DC, + sketches on back $For Sale
HUGHES, ADAM - She-Hulk Best of Swimsuit book prelim cover $For Sale
HUGHES, ADAM - Wonder Woman Warners store plate cover w/ Eagles, twice-up 1996 $For sale
HUGHES, ADAMS - Justice League America #45 cover, Guy Gardner & Ice, 2nd date cover $For Sale
ISHERWOOD, GEOF - Dr Strange #46 cover, Doc, Scarlet Witch, Dr Droom / Druid $sold
JARVINEN, KIRK - Aquaman #1 cover: alternate version Please Inquire
JARVINEN, KIRK - Aquaman #1 published cover Please Inquire
JONES, KELLY - Batman #550 cover, Clayface, 1st appearance of heroine - Chase $For Sale
JONES, KELLY - Batman #550 cover-detail, Batman, Clayface, 1st appearance heroine Chase, 1997 $For Sale
JURGENS, DAN - Action Comics #671 1st cover, Superman playing Gilligan's Island $For Sale
JURGENS, DAN - Justice League America #64 cover, Superman, Blue Beetle & Gold, Fire & Ice $For Sale
JUSKO, JOE - Kull The Conqueror #1 Wrap-Around Giant cover with logo 1983 $For Sale
JUSKO, JOE - Kull The Conqueror #1 Wrap-Around Giant cover with No logo 1983 $For Sale
KANE, GIL - Ghost Rider #2 full size prelim cover, GR, Witch-Woman & Satan () 2nd appearance of Daimon Hellstrom (2nd Son of Satan) 1973 $For Sale
KANE, GIL - Journey Into Mystery #2 prelim cover, full size, Jack the Ripper by Robert Bloch $hold
KANE, GIL - Marvel Premiere #16 full size prelim Cover, Iron Fist 2nd appearance 1975 $for Sale
KANE, GIL - Red Wolf #1 3-D Box style cover, rare un-inked, finished pencil, 1st version, Red Wolf's position changed on final comic, 1972 $For sale or trade
KIRBY, JACK signed - Who's Who DC Universe #9 Pencil Pinup - Guardian and the Newsboy Legion 1985 $FOR SALE
KIRBY, JACK signed / ROYER inks - New Gods #2 cover, large Black Racer, Jack's DC Silver Surfer $SOLD
LANGRIDGE, ROGER - Fin Fang Four Return! #1 cover homage Kirby's Avengers #4 $For Sale
LAPHAM, DAVID - Detective Comics #813 cover $NFS
LARROCA, SAL - Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1 cover, Spidey & MJ, John Romita Sr tribute art $For Sale
LARROCA, SAL / ROMITA SR tribute - Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1 cover, Spidey & MJ, without logo as Marvel advertized - 2007 $For Sale
LEACH, GARY - Wonder Woman Annual Inside Front Cover painting 1981 $For Sale
LIEFELD / WALKER - Youngblood: Genesis #2 cover, written by Kurt Busiek, Chapel- Spawn' killer $For Sale
MAGUIRE, KEVIN - Justice League Gen Lost #21 cover, Team holds dead Blue Beetle & Booster Gold quits! $For Sale
MANDRAKE, TOM - GULACY, PAUL - Batman #389 uninked cover, Batman Catwoman Nocturna Nightshade 1985 $For Sale
MCDONNELL, LUKE - Daredevil #210 uninked pencil cover, DD vs Micah Synn & Crossbow 1984 $For Sale
MCFARLANE, TODD - Incredible Hulk #336 cover / promo poster no logo! Hulk vs X-Factor $For Sale
MCFARLANE, TODD - Incredible Hulk #336 cover, Alternate cover and promo poster! Hulk vs X-Factor $For sale or great trade
McGUINNESS, ED - Agents Of Atlas #5 limited edition cover, Jimmy Woo & M-11 - the Human Robot $For Sale
McGUINNESS, ED - Captain America #623 cover, Bucky / Winter Solder in Nazi death camp $Sold! Looking for more!!!
McGUINNESS, ED - SheHulks #2 cover, She-Hulks vs Super-Apes $For Sale
McGUINNESS, ED - Ultimate Captain America #1 cover, Cap vs villain $SOLD
McGUINNESS, ED - X-Men Battle of Atom #2 cover, Sentinels vs Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Colossus, Xorn $For sale or great trade
McKONE, MIKE - House of M #5 cover, Spider-Man; White Queen; Hawkeye, Murdock, Cage; Green Goblin; Gwen Stacy; Wolverine $For Sale, email VALNSTEVEZ@AOL.COM
MELO, ADRIANA - Birds of Prey #87 final pencils Cover, Oracle, Black Canary Huntress rubik's cube 2005 NEW $For Sale
MESSMER, OTTO - Felix The Cat #23 cover, Felix & fish, rare Messmer cover credit $For Sale
MESSMER, OTTO - Felix The Cat #32 2up cover, Felix picks flowers & mouse $For Sale
MESSMER, OTTO - Felix The Cat #34 cover, Felix, cow & ice milk $For Sale
MIGHTEN, DUKE - Punisher 2099 #1 cover, 1st version 1993 $for Sale
MILLER, CHRIS - Elementals #19 painted Cover, Sex Special w/ Fathom & were-Dolphin 1990 $For Sale
MILLER, FRANK - Elektra Saga #1 wraparound cover - 1st Elektra starring cover, with new Elektra story - 1983 $For Sale
MILLER, FRANK - Wolverine Mini-series #4 cover! signed! the classic cover of series that made Wolvie $Trade offers only
MOORE, TERRY - Strangers in Paradise & Witchblade 1998 $For Sale
MORROW, GRAY - Chilling Adventures In Sorcery #4 large cover, Lon Chaney Phantom, Necronomicon, Golem 1973 $For key trade or sale- email VALNSTEVEZ@AOL.COM
NOREM, EARL- Savage Sword of Conan #70 cover painting, Conan & Blonde vs giant ant god $For Sale
NOREM, EARL- Savage Sword of Conan #70 painted cover without overlay $For Sale
NOVICK, IRV - Captain Storm #17 2-up cover, go-go checks era 1966 $For Sale
NOWLAN, KEVIN / JOHN ROMITA SR / DAVE ROSS - Alpha Flight #44 cover, Death of Snowbird $For Sale
OKSNER, BOB - Wonder Woman #215 cover, Wonder Woman bound by Ares, WW & Aquaman, Amazon & Atlantis war, 1974 $For Sale
ORLANDO, JOE & BOB OKSNER - Supergirl #1 Honda public service alt. Cover - Supergirl with giant seatbelt, 1986 $For Sale
ORLANDO, JOE / BOB OKSNER - Supergirl #2 unused cover, auto safety (American Honda) 1986 NEW $For sale
PACHECO, CARLOS - Wolverine / XMen edition - Wizard Magazine #73 cover 1997 $For Sale
PEREZ, GEORGE - Avengers & JLA Compendium Hardcover Book cover for 1980s story, headshots both Marvel & DC Hero Teams $For Sale
PEREZ, GEORGE - Fantastic Four cover mascots, Human Torch and The Thing. Late 1970's from FF issues in the 190's $For sale or trade
PEREZ, GEORGE - Sci Fi Good-Girl package art, for artist tools - 2011 $For Sale
PEREZ, GEORGE - Tales of The New Titans #3 cover, Changeling, Doom Patrol, Teen Titans. Shown with blurb on overlay $Sold - looking for more!
PEREZ, GEORGE - Wonder Woman #1 1987 homage cover & color art for DC Heroes Games, Wonder Woman Strangers in Paradise 1988 NEW $For Sale
PERLIN, DON / STAN DRAKE - Solar, Man Of The Atom #8 cover $For Sale
PETERSEN, DAVID - Rocket Raccoon #1-A cover, Rocket armed on mushroom hill $For Trade
PETERSON, BRANDON - Wolverine edition - Wizard Magazine #97 cover 1999 $For Sale
PHIPPS, ROBB - Mantra of Ultraverse pinup $For Sale
QUESADA, JOE - X-Factor #87 alternate cover 1993 $For Sale
ROGERS, MARSHALL - Amazing Spider-Man cover 1980 inventory, published Marvel Tales #130 1981 $For sale
ROGERS, MARSHALL - Strange portfolio plate art, over 2-up, super large $For Sale
ROMITA SR, JOHN (signed) - Spidey Superstories #10 cover, Green Goblin 1975 $For Sale
ROSS, LUKE - Spectacular Spider-Man #240 cover, Spider-Man, Peter, Mary Jane, Gaunt, JJJ, Liz Allan 1996 $SOLD
SEGOVIA, STEPHEN - Unity #9 cover, key Valiant characters on this rare variant cover! $For sale or trade
SIBAR, ADRIAN - Batgirl #39 cover Please Inquire
SIMONSON, WALT - Fantastic Four #353 cover, Hand-Drawn! logo box art: Reed Sue & mutated Thing $For Trade
SIMONSON, WALT - Fantastic Four #353 cover, Hand-Drawn! logo box, 3 of 4 FF on cover - Reed Sue & mutated Thing $For Trade
SIMONSON, WALT signed & DICK GIORDANO - Dynamic Classics starring Batman #1 corner box cover, classic Manhunter 1978 $For Sale
SINNOTT, JOE - Comic Reader #115 cover, rare cover artist, Thor 1974-1975 $For Sale
SOOK, RYAN - Spectre #14 Cover Please Inquire
SPARLING, JACK - House of Secrets #94 1st cover, final cover closely copied by Wrightson 1971 $For sale
SPROUSE, CHRIS - Alan Moore's Supreme #49 his 1st unused cover: Supreme, Suprema, Rader dog $For Sale
SPROUSE, CHRIS - Alan Moore's Supreme #54 cover: Supreme's gal Judy Jordan - album cover $For Sale
SPROUSE, CHRIS - Spider-Man vs Dr Octopus Poster #6 2004 $For Sale
STARLIN, JIM - New Gods #17 cover, Thanos inspiration Darkseid + Highfather Granny Goodness; ORIGIN Orion & Jezebelle 1977 $For Sale
STARLIN, JIM - Super-Villian Team-Up #7 cover, Dr Doom vs Shroud, Submariner - origin of Shroud 1977 $For Sale
STARLIN, JIM - Thing Fanfare cover vs Hulk Beast Manthing & Sasquash, Jim's 1981 signature $For Sale
STATON, JOE - Space Adventures #? attempt at series revival, 2up size+ Cover Painting, spaceman & woman vs dino 1973-74 $For Sale
STERANKO - Tower of Shadow #1, cover art to Jim's classic story $For Trade Only
STERANKO, JIM - Tower of Shadow #1 Jim' Cover art to his classic story $For Sale
SWAN, CURT / BOB OKSNER - DC Limited Collectors' Edition C38 Superman ink & color cover, Statue of Liberty 1975 $For Sale
SWAN, CURT / NEAL ADAMS signed - Superman's Lois Lane giant #95 comic book ref, 6 scenes $NA
SWAN, CURT / NEAL ADAMS signed - Superman's Lois Lane Giant #95, 6 scenes 1969 $For Sale
TALJIC, DALIBOR - Deadpool Team-Up #899 cover, Deadpool vs Hercules! $SOLD
THORNE, FRANK - Red Sonja logo Cover Box art - Marvel Feature #2-#7 & Red Sonja #1 & up 1975 $For Sale
THORNE, FRANK signed - Red Sonja 1st Portfolio Plate art - Marvel Treasury Edition #15 Conan & red Sonja 1977 $For Sale
TUSKA, GEORGE - Iron Man #20 cover, IM defeated by XMen' Lucifer - 1969 $For Sale
WARREN, ADAM - Marvel DC Spawn Tomb-Raider cross-over Wizard 2000 edition cover 1999 $For Sale
WEISS, ALAN - Fear #14 cover, Steve Gerber' Man-Thing saving Jennifer Kale $For Sale
WIERINGO, MIKE - Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20 cover B, Pencil art, includes final Ink cover $For Sale
WIERINGO, MIKE - Sidekicks #3A cover, good-girl & team-shot, 2000 $For Sale
WIERINGO, MIKE / KARL KESEL - Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20 cover B, final Ink cover, included with Pencil cover $For Sale
WILLINGHAM, BILL - Elementals #2 cover, 2nd issue! $For Sale
WILSON, RON - Avengers #100 UK cover, Marvel The Titans #56, all Avengers! $For Sale or Trade
WINN, ANTHONY / RICHARD BENNETT - Wetworks /Vampirella #1 cover, Vampi & full team 1997 $For Sale




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