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Joe Staton

STATON, JOE - Showcase #100 page 33, Angel (Angel and the Ape) O'Day

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Joe Staton Penciller

Showcase #100

1977 Series - DC, May 1978, coverprice 0.60 , 52 pages.

"There Shall Come a Gathering"

Feature Story: 60 Sensational Super-Stars

Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz (Script), Joe Staton (Pencils), Joe Staton (Inks), Adrienne Roy (Colors), Ben Oda (Letters).

Heroes gather because some unknown force is disrupting the fabric of time and pulling the Earth out of orbit. Volcanoes explode, dinosaurs rampage, and heroes from all times pop up everywhere. Scientist-heroes - the Atom, the Flash, Rip Hunter - fly to an orbiting spaceship and battle gold robots. Lois Lane, the Creeper, Challengers of the Unknown, and others fly to the Rocky Mountains to crack a big green alien box. Metal Men and Teen Titans contain riots and quash Vikings and Nazis. Space heroes - Adam Strange, Space Ranger - need the magic heroes - Phantom Stranger, the Spectre - to hold a seance and channel energy? to return the Earth to its orbit. Lois Lane and Angel O'Day enter the big green box, dodge robots, and pull wires. Everything snaps back to normal. Clumsy Angel O'Day cries with happiness. "It's the first time I've ever been happy about breaking something!"

Character appearances:
Green Lantern; The Flash; The Hawk and The Dove; Rip Hunter; Bonnie Baxter; Jeff Smith; Corky Baxter; Metal Men (Mercury, Gold, Platinum, Lead, Iron, Tin); Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad); Aquaman; The Atom; Adam Strange; Johnny Thunder; Anthro; Sgt. Rock; Fireman Farrell; Enemy Ace; Nightmaster (allegedly on page 8); Jason (on page 8 with goggles); Lois Lane; The Creeper; Challengers of the Unknown (Rocky Davis, Ace Morgan, Prof Haley, Red Ryan, June Robbins); Space Ranger; Cryll; Windy; Willy; Bat Lash; Angel (O'Day) and the Ape (Sam Simeon); Firehair; Tommy Tomorrow; The Inferior Five (Awkwardman, The Blimp, White Feather, Dumb Bunny, Merryman); Binky; Sea Devils (Dane Dorrance, Judy Walton, Biff Bailey, Nicky Walton); Dolphin; King Faraday; Manhunter 2070; Jonny Double; Phantom Stranger; The Spectre; Sugar & Spike


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