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Steve Rude

RUDE, STEVE - Thor: Godstorm #2 page 25

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Steve Rude Penciller

Thor: Godstorm #2 Marvel, December 2001, Kurt Busiek (Script), Steve Rude (Pencils), Mike Royer (Inks), Greg Wright (Colors), John Costanza (Letters). Edited by Tom Brevoort The millennium-spanning legends of Thor continue! As the trolls wage war on Asgard, Thor is trapped on Earth between the machinations of Loki and a raging super-villain empowered by the legendary Godstorm! And, in the present day, the threat of the Godstorm is reborn! Character appearances: Wilf; Uller; Thor; Balder; Loki; Godstorm; Odin; Jane Foster; Torrent; Fandral; Hogun; Volstagg; Heimdall; Geirrodur; Brom Anders; Bettina Anders; Lars; Mikkel; Arne; Jake Olson THE STORY: It's a trio of interlocking legends of Thor, spanning the centuries from the Thunder God's boyhood to today! Two young viking warriors learn the story of the storm that rebelled against Thor at the urging of Loki ? a storm that would one day become the Godstorm! Also, the mighty Avengers face a new and powerful enemy in their earliest days as a team! If you liked SPIDER-MAN: LIFELINES, you'll love THOR: GODSTORM! ?THE WRITER SPEAKS: "It`s pretty sweeping in scope ? I was looking to do something that would deal with Thor as god, Thor as myth, within the context of Thor as Marvel character," explained Busiek. "I was a nut for Norse mythology long before I was a comics reader, and I wanted to get some of that feel into things. When I was invited to write this project, I talked to Steve and outlined the approach I wanted to take, with mythic overtones and a legendary feel, and he got very enthusiastic about it, so I`m plotting the book very much to that core idea ? the idea that these aren`t just adventures, they`re legends, and they should feel that way. And then Steve draws them, and that`s where his style comes into play ? he`s reinterpreting and repacing my plots in his own way, and making the story richer and more powerful as he does so.

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