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JONES, KELLY - Sandman #22 pg 1, intro Hell & Lucifer, his second appearance! "Seasons of Mist" part 1

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Kelley Jones Penciller

Sandman #22 Published Jan 1991 by DC/Vertigo. Neil Gaiman script with Kelley Jones art. 1st appearance of Daniel (later becomes new Sandman). Seasons of Mist, part 1 of 7. Synopsis for "Season of Mists: Chapter 1" In his Ghost Castle, Dream calls forth all its inhabitants to hear him speak. He warns that he will be leaving soon, and may not return. He is going to Hell to offer forgiveness to his once mortal lover Nada, whom he wrongly imprisoned there out of pride. Unfortunately, on his last visit to Hell, he incurred the anger of Lucifer, and if he faces him again, he may not return. Matthew the Raven stays behind to speak with his master, asking about the nature of Lucifer. Dream explains that Lucifer was once an angel who was one of the creator's finest creations. He is perhaps the most powerful being there is besides the creator himself, and certainly more powerful than Dream. Dream sends Cain as his emissary to speak with Lucifer. Cain warns that regardless of the fallen angel's permission, the Lord of Dreams is coming. The other demons hope to kill the messenger, but Lucifer warns that the Mark of Cain symbolizes the creator's protection over him. Lucifer has Cain unbound and warns that he had vowed to destroy Dream if he set foot in Hell again. Elsewhere, Lyta Hall introduces her friend Carla to her newborn son. She doesn't have a name for the boy yet, and the names she had thought of - names that honour her father and former husband - don't seem appropriate. She hopes that once the boy is older she will have a name for him, and be able to get on with her life. After Carla has left, Lyta is horrified to see Dream standing over the baby's crib. Dream explains that he is not there to take the boy, merely to visit him. He is fascinated by the idea that a child managed to gestate somehow within the Dreaming. At Lyta's request he leaves, but not before informing her that the boy's name is Daniel. At first Lyta is still angry, but when she looks down at her child, the name seems to ring true. Dream makes one more visit to an old friend. He visits Hob Gadling in a dream. Hob has been given the opportunity to live for as long as he wishes to remain alive. Dream offers him a gift of a rare wine and explains that he may not be able to make it to their next meeting. Hob offers a toast to absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every person always give the devil his due. Hob wakes from his dream beside his girlfriend, to find the bottle of wine sitting on his nightstand. Later, Cain returns to the castle, and with his warning sent, Dream dons his helm, and makes preparations to venture into the depths of Hell.

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