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Gene Colan

COLAN, GENE - Tomb Of Dracula #38 cover, Dracula, Aurora, Harold H Harold, Juno

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Tom Palmer Inker
Gene Colan Penciller

Tomb of Dracula (1972 1st Series) #38
Published Nov 1975 by Marvel

Cover art by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer
Script by Marv Wolfman
Pencils by Gene Colan, inks by Tom Palmer.
Characters: Dracula, Juno, Aurora Rabinowitz, Harold H. Harold. Doctor Sun appearance.
Continued from last issue....

Waiting for Aurora to show up and see the real live vampire that he's found, Harold H. Harold is shocked to find that Dracula has actually gotten out of bed, however the vampire lord faints once more and when Aurora finally shows up she helps him get the vampire king back into bed. At first the slow-witted Aurora doesn't believe that Harold has a real vampire until Dracula begins muttering about his need of blood. They worry about where they could find blood when Aurora then recalls where Harvard stores its medical supply of blood (as she once dated a quarterback that attended Harvard.)
Meanwhile, at the hide out of Dr. Sun, Juno finalizes his preparation to aid his master. Sun and Juno spy on Quincy Harker, Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing who are discussing their plans to track down and destroy the weakened Dracula. They are interrupted when Frank thinks he sees Dracula, however when the all run outside they don't see him anywhere. Believing that he couldn't have gone far in his weakened state they spot him flying away in bat form and follow after him.
While at Harvard, Harold and Aurora enter the medical wing and while Aurora distracts an intern, Harold goes into the lab and steals as many vials of blood as he can carry. Quickly returning back to his apartment, Harold and Aurora begin feeding Dracula the blood that they have stolen. As Aurora feeds him, Harold gets a tape recorder ready in the hopes of getting an interview with Dracula when he awakens. Quincy Harker and the others track "Dracula" back to Dr. Sun's lair, and learn that they were tricked into following an illusion when they are confronted by Juno. Taken down to Doctor Sun, the evil genius explains his plans to the three vampire hunters: He re-explains how he ended up becoming a disembodied brain and how his previous plot to transfer Dracula's memories into the mind of his own vampire had failed, but also that the experiment had another purpose, to transfer Dracula's powers into Sun's own form. It becomes clear that Sun wants to use Dracula's vast powers to take over the world. Quincy however explains to Sun that such a goal would be fool hardy and that Dracula himself abandoned that idea long ago because a world of vampire slaves would leave him with nothing to consume.
Quincy then fires darts from his wheelchair at Dr. Sun, however he only succeeds in destroying the machine that has been siphoning Dracula's powers. Quincy and the others are quickly subdued by Juno and Dr. Sun orders Juno to go and collect Dracula to finally destroy him.
At the home of Harold H. Harold, having been fed enough blood and without Sun's machine siphoning his powers Dracula finds himself revitalized. He thanks Harold and Aurora for their aid and repays their kindness by sparing their lives. Harold asks Dracula to provide him with an interview so that he might keep his job. Although Dracula cares little for Harold's plights, Dracula finds the concept amusing and decides to agree to giving him an interview. However, before it can start Juno bursts through the door to collect Dracula. Because Dracula himself is seeking out Dr. Sun, he agrees to go peacefully to deal with the issue of Dr. Sun. With the two departing out the door, Aurora convinces Harold that they should follow after them and try to save Dracula.
Shortly, Dracula is brought before Doctor Sun, and his imprisoned foes Harker, Drake and van Helsing. Doctor Sun welcomes Dracula to his home and vows to destroy him.
This story is continued next issue...

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