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Title Issue Page Price
ALCALA, ALFREDO - Arak, Son of Thunder #24 cover $For Sale
ANDERSON, MURPHY - Mystery In Space #108 cover, rare large size art! Ultra the Multi-Alien, 6th issue! NEW Please Inquire
ANDERSON, MURPHY / HANNIGAN layouts - DC Presents #96 cover, Superman & Hawkman 1986 $For sale
ANDERSON, MURPHY / HANNIGAN layouts - Superman #393 cover, Supes nuked 1984 $For Sale
ANDRU, ROSS - Blue Beetle #15 cover. Uh, oh. Looks like Carapax has Blue Beetle life or death situation! $For sale or great trade
ANDRU, ROSS - Jonah Hex #70 cover, saved by cowgirl $For Sale
ANDRU, ROSS - Jonah Hex #71 cover, Jonah shooting under the table $For Sale
APARO, JIM - Black Canary #11 cover $For sale or trade
BANKS, DARYL - Green Lantern #117 cover, both Green Lanterns, Kilowog $For Sale
BANKS, DARYL - Green Lantern #139 cover, New GL Kyle and Green Lantern Jade NEW $For sale
BANKS, DARYL - Green Lantern V2 #54 cover, the New GL $For Sale
BEATTY, TERRY - Ms. Tree #10 cover, "Black and White and Red All Over" 1984 NEW $For Sale
BENJAMIN, RYAN - Ghost / Batgirl #3 cover $For Sale
BERNADO, RAMON - Superboy #37 cover, clone of Superman $For Sale
BINGHAM, JERRY - Detective Comics #581 cover, double Two-Faces $For sale or trade
BINGHAM, JERRY - Suicide Squad #8 Cover, Rick Flag; Deadshot; Enchantress; Captain Boomerang; Bronze Tiger 1987 $for sale
BLEVINS, BRETT - Batman: Gotham Nights II #2 cover $For sale or trade
BREWER, DAVID - Superboy Year One Annual #2 cover, multiple Superboys $For Sale
BRIGHT, MARK - DC Previews #1 cover, Green Lantern Emerald Dawn & JSA 1993 $For Sale
BRIGHT, MARK - Green Lantern V2 #25 cover, 3 GLs fight + JLA witness $For Sale
BRODERICK, PAT- Firestorm #2 unlinked pencil cover, Alice in Wonderland - now on Flash' TV $For Sale
BROWN, GARRY - Catwoman Annual #2 cover, it's Catwoman vs Catwoman, while the Batman's influence over Gotham is made visually overwhelming! NEW $For sale or trade
BROZOWSKI, JOE - Firestorm #78 cover $For Sale
BULLOCK, DAVE - Teen Titans Go! #14 cover, Speedy joins the Teen Titans $For sale or trade
BURCHETT, RICK - Robin #56 cover, Robin and Spoiler smash through a window to stop the Cluemaster's burglary in progress! $For sale or trade
BYRD, MITCH - Green Lantern Annual #2 cover $for sale or trade
BYRNE, JOHN - Doom Patrol # 7 cover $For Sale
BYRNE, JOHN - Doom Patrol #11 Cover $For Sale
BYRNE, JOHN - Hawkman #10 cover, Hawkgirl, Superman $For Sale
BYRNE, JOHN - Superman #6 cover, Lois & 1st version Supes $For Sale
CARIELLO / THIBERT / MIKI / MENDOZA Batman vs Wildcat #3 cover, 1997 $For Sale
CASTILLO,, TOMMY / ROD RAMOS - Batman poster / comic con cover $FOR SALE
CHAN, ERNIE - The Witching Hour cover, unpublished $For sale or trade
CHAN, ERNIE / JOHN CALNAN - World's Finest #239 Cover, Superman & Metal Men's Gold, kill Batman 1976 $For Sale
CINAR, YILDIRAY - Legion of Super-Heroes The Choice #1 hardcover book, every single Legionaire…what more do you want? $For sale or trade
CLARK, MATTHEW / LIVESAY- Doom Patrol v5 #11 cover, Robot Man & Dino w/ Rita's head-shot uncensored $For sale
CLARK, MATTHEW, Clark - Outsiders #45 cover, Arsenal / Speedy (Roy Harper) $For Sale
COLAN, GENE - Night Force #3 cover $For Sale
COLAN, GENE - Phantom Zone #2 cover (Superman and Supergirl) $For sale or trade
COLON, ERNIE - Arak Son of Thunder #10 cover, Arak battles centaur! $For Sale
COLON, ERNIE - Who's Who 1986 wraparound cover, Question, Robin I II III, Ravin, Robotman, Ragman, Riddker, Rose & Thorn, etc. $For Sale
COWAN, DENYS - V #18 cover final issue, TV series $For Sale
COWAN, DENYS / DICK GIORDANO - Firestorm #45 cover FS vs rogues gallery $For Sale
CRITCHLOW, CARL - Lobo #46 cover, up the nose NEW $For sale or trade
CROKER, HILTY - Cartoon Cartoon #13 cover, Space Ghost, coast to coast $For Sale
CULLINS, PARIS - Who's Who in the DC Universe Wraparound Cover: Doom Patrol Dream-Girl Eclipso $For sale
DAVIS, ALAN - JSA #11 cover, Kobra has gun to head of Sandman / Sandy $For Sale
DAVIS, SHANE - Final Crisis: Rage of Red Lanterns #1 cover, Sinestro $For Sale
DELANEY, J. - Adventures of DC Universe #8 cover, Blue Beetle & Booster Gold $SOLD! Looking to buy more!!!
DESTEFANO, STEVEN - 'MAZING MAN #4 cover, tryc race $For Sale
DESTEFANO, STEVEN - 'MAZING MAN #8 cover, cat attack $For Sale
DEZUNIGA, TONY - Arak #42 cover, scorpian monster $For Sale
DOHERTY, PETE - Catwoman #81 cover, first version without pasteover of additional Catwoman figure Please Inquire
DOHERTY, PETE - Catwoman #81 cover, published version w/ second Catwoman art on overlay $For sale or trade
DOMINGUEZ, LUIS - Weird Western #31 cover, Oh, no! Jonah Hex is slightly outnumbered $For sale or trade
DUBURKE, RANDY - The Shadow Strikes #25 cover $For sale or trade
EAGLESHAM / RAMOS - Green Lantern #147 cover $For Sale
EATON, SCOT / PETER GROSS - Doctor Fate #35 cover $For Sale
EATON, SCOTT - Batman vs Bane #1 cover, Forever Evil Aftermath $For sale or trade
Espí, López - based on Joe Staton - All Star Comics #70 full cover painting, Spanish edition version 1970s NEW $For Sale
FLOREA, SANDY - Batman and Robin Adventures cover $For sale or trade
GARCIA, JOHN - Sgt Rock Special #10 cover, a tank full of dead Nazis! $For sale or trade!
GIARRENO, VINCE - Spectre #20 cover 1988 $For sale or trade
GIBBONS, DAVE - Superman Annual 1982 with logo on overlay $For Sale
GIFFEN, KEITH - Omega Men #5 cover, Lobo story $For Sale
GIFFEN, KEITH- Adventure #492 Cover- Legion / Supergirl $For Sale
GIORDANO, DICK - Blue Beetle #4 (now DC) large cover, Dan Garrett 1965 $For Sale
GIORDANO, DICK - Crucible #4 cover, MLJ heroes $For Sale
GIORDANO, DICK - DC Special #8 Legion of Superheroes back-cover, team-shot $For Sale
GIORDANO, DICK - Jonni Thunder #1 cover, JSA hero revived, 1st Issue $For sale or trade
GIORDANO, DICK - Modesty Blaise cover Trade edition $For Sale
GIORDANO, DICK - The Flash #205 Cover; 64 page giant issue, Flash vs Reverse Flash, Golden-Age Flash, Kid Flash $For sale or trade
GIORDANO, DICK - Wonder Woman #219, Wonder Woman in bondage: JLA X-over series Elongated Man $For sale or trade
GLEASON, PAT - Green Lantern Corp #2 cover - Abin Sir & Kiliwog $For sale or trade
GLEASON, PAT - Green Lantern Corp #33 cover, Blackest Night prelude $For Sale
GLINES, SHANE - Gotham Girls #1 cover, Catwoman $SOLD - looking for more of this type!
GONZALES, ADRIAN - Arak #22 cover pencil art $For Sale
GRELL, MIKE - Superboy & Legion of Superheroes #211 cover, Superboy, Element Lad kills $For sale or trade
GRUMMET, TOM - Robin #12 cover, Robin and Tim shown. Robin image on mounted on overlay! $For sale or trade
GRUMMETT, TOM - Superboy #80 cover Please Inquire
GUICE, JACKSON - Flash #5 cover $Sale or trade
GUICE, JACKSON - Flash #7 cover Flash and Red Trinity $Sale / Trade
GUINALDO, ANDRES - Legion Lost #0 cover - Timber Wolf’s origin $For Sale
GUINALDO, ANDRES - Legion Lost #12 cover $For Sale
GULACY, PAUL - Danger Trail #3 Cover with logo $For sale or trade
HA, GENE - Blackest Night JSA #2 Cover, 1-25 variant, Powergirl vs Black Lantern Lois Lane $For Sale
HA, GENE - DC Halloween Special cover #1 $For sale or trade
HALEY, MATT - JSA Classified #26 cover - Wildcat & Justice Society team $For Sale
HAMILTON, CRAIG - Aquaman Year One Annual #1 cover $For Sale
HANNIGAN, ED & KLAUS JANSON - World's Finest Comics #299 larger cover, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN - execution! $For Sale
HANNIGAN, ED & KLAUS JANSON - World's Finest Comics #308 cover, BATMAN vs SUPERMAN - witness to Supes murder! $For Sale
HANNIGAN, ED - Batman #371 cover - Catman with Batman & Robin $For sale or trade
HANNIGAN, ED - The Flash #320 cover, Has the Flash been "Eradicated"? $For sale or trade
HARRIS, TONY - DC JSA / Justice Society published DC poster (Wonder Woman cropped out) $REF
HARRIS, TONY - DC JSA / Justice Society published DC poster painting with Wonder Woman included $for sale
HERNANDEZ, BETO - Yeah #2 cover, good girl art $For sale or trade
HESTER, PHIL - JLA annual #7 cover - 1st Terrorsmith $For Sale
HOBERG, RICK - Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew #20 cover, last issue with Changeling from Teen Titans + Gorrila Grodd $For Sale
HOWARD, ZACK - Justice League Unlimited #45 cover $For sale or trade
HOWELL, RICHARD - The Shadow War of Hawkman #3 cover vs Elongated Man and Aquaman $Sale or trade
HUGHES, ADAM - Justice League of America #52 cover, large size, fight-poster style. Blue Beetle vs Guy Gardner $For Sale
IMMONEN, STUART - Legion of Super-Heroes Archive #6 cover, All the Legion members from the late 1960's! Logo and graphics on overlay $For sale or great trade
INFANTINO, CARMINE - Flash #333 cover $Trade
INFANTINO, CARMINE / IRV NOVICK - Wonder Woman #176 cover, alternate first version. Very rare art from this period! $For sale or trade
ISHERWOOD, GEOF - Suicide Squad #61 cover, JLA confront Squard $For Sale
JOCK - Detective Comics #809 cover War Crimes part 1 $Sale or trade
JOHNSON, DREW - Injustice, Gods Against Us #5 cover, Batman, The Dark Knight versus Superman, The Man of Steel, splitting the loyalties of the Justice League $For sale or trade
JOHNSON, DREW/ RAY SNYDER - Supergirl #28 cover with logo overlay $For Sale or Trade
JONES, ARVELL - All-Star Squadron #66 cover, origin of Tarantula. Sandman appearance $For sale or trade
JURGENS, DAN - Sundevils #9 cover, 1984 $For Sale
JURGENS, DAN - Warlord #83 cover $Sale or trade
KANE, GIL - All American Western #120 cover, rare large size 1951. Johnny Thunder in $For sale or trade
KANE, GIL / Michael Golden layout - DC' Web #10 Cover, with logo overlay $For sale or trade
KAYANAN, RAFAEL - Firestorm #39 cover $Sale or trade
KAYANAN, RAFAEL - Firestorm #43 cover $For sale or trade
KAYANAN, RAFAEL Firestorm #27 cover $Sale or trade
KINDZIERSKI, LOVERN & KEVIN MAGUIRE - LEGION '90 cover color guide, First appearance of Valor, Mon El (Law-Gand) NEW $For sale
KINDZIERSKI, LOVERN & MATT WAGNER - Challengers of the Umkown #4 cover color guide, Rocky Davis has a gambling problem! NEW $For Sale
KinDZIERSKI, LOVERN & VINCE GIARRANO - Doctor Fate #26 cover color guide, First Inza Nelson as the new Dr Fate!!! NEW $For Sale
KINDZIERSKI, LOVERN & VINCE GIARRANO - Doctor Fate #28 cover color guide, Dr. Fate vs a demonic street gang! NEW $For Sale
KINDZIERSKI, LOVERN & VINCE GIARRANO - Doctor Fate #29 cover color guide, Dr. Fate watches Kent Nelson disappear! NEW Please Inquire
KUDER, AARON - Green Lantern New Guardians (2011) #15 chase cover $For Sale or trade!
LOEBS, WILLIAM M. - Secret Origins #28 Cover - Midnight (Spirit clone) & Nightshade Please Inquire
LOPRESTI, AARON - Action Comics #874 cover Superman and Mon-El in $For sale or trade
MANHKE, DOUG - Justice League of America #85 cover, heroes death cover $For sale or trade
MANKE, DOUG - Final Crisis Requiem #1 cover, Death of Martian Manhunter $For sale or trade
MATSUDA, JEFF - Impulse #30 cover, Another famous super-speed race! Impulse vs a Big Wheel! $For sale or trade
McDONNELL, LUKE - Green Lantern Mosaic #17 cover ala Grant Wood, GL Corp & JLA $For sale or trade
MCDONNELL, LUKE - Justice League of America #247 cover Please Inquire
McDONNELL, LUKE - Suicide Squad #19 cover, "Personal Files" on the whole team! $For sale
McDonnell, Luke - Suicide Squad #23 cover, Team with Vixen $For Sale
McDonnell, Luke / Karl Kesel! - Suicide Squad #21 Nightshade aka Silk Spectre 1988 $For Sale
McFARLANE, TODD - Infinitiy Inc. #29 Cover big image $Sale or Trade
McKONE, MIKE - Green Lantern #39 variant cover. Harley Quinn, roller derby queen, races Green Lantern! $For Sale or Trade
MCKONE, MIKE - Teen Titans #50 cover pencils to the variant cover $For sale or trade
MCMANUS, SHAWN - Dr Fate #19 cover with The Phantom Stranger $Sale or trade
McWILLIAMS, AL - Justice Inc. #1 cover, alternate 1'st version, starring DC's The Avenger, 1st app & origin of pulp hero 1975 $For Sale
MENDEZ, PHIL - Three Mouseketeers #2 cover, finished pencil art, Mice torment cat at breakfast 1970 $For Sale
MOORE, JEROME - Hawk and Dove #26 cover, Hawk mourned the death of his brother Don, the first Dove, with Dawn Granger, the new Dove. $For sale or trade
MOORE, JEROME K - Star Trek #5 cover, classic team $For Sale
MORALES, RAGS - Hourman #16 Cover with JLA defeated by Joker & Snapper $For sale or trade
MORALES, RAGS - Hourman #18 cover, JSA / Justice Society parade $FOR SALE
MORALES, RAGS - Hourman #19 cover, JSA / Justice Society defeated $FOR SALE
MORALES, RAGS - JSA / Justice Society #31 cover, Iwo-Jima flag themed! $FOR SALE
NASSER, MICHAEL- Wonder Woman #232 cover, Wonder Woman battles Osira at Egypt's pyramids to free the JSA $For sale or trade
NAUCK, TODD / TOM PALMER - Young Justice #42 cover, Spectre $For Sale
NAUCK/ AUSTIN- Young Justice #23 cover Please Inquire
NOCON, CEDRIC - Robin Spoiler #1 alternate cover $For Sale
NOLAN, GRAHAM - Detective Comics #706 Batman cover $For sale or trade
NOWLAN, KEVIN - Legion Superheroes #344 cover, Ultra Boy saves Phantom Girl, Chameleon Boy $For Sale
ORDWAY, JERRY - Infinity Inc #2 cover, JSA / Justice Society - Huntress Powergirl, Superman's first recurring supervillain $FOR SALE
ORDWAY, JERRY - Justice Society vs America #4 cover, Golden-Age JSA $FOR SALE
ORLANDO, JOE & SAL TRAPANI - Metamorpho #9 cover, very rare, one of the only known surviving large size covers! Metamorpho vs three crazy robots $For sale or trade
PAROBECK, MIKE - Justice Society #1 cover, 1st issue of highly regarded series $SOLD! Looking for more like this!!!
PAROBECK, MIKE - Justice Society Of America #8 cover; Hourman, Johnny Quick and 1st Jesse Quick $For Sale
PATTON, CHUCK - Teen Titans #54 cover, Cyborg origin $For Sale
PELLETIER, PAUL - Superboy & Ravers #7 cover, Impluse signs for coeds $For Sale
PELLIETIER, PAUL, Superboy and the Ravers #10 Cover, funeral cover $For sale or trade
PHILIPS, JOE- Mister Miracle #21 cover, MM, Big Barda in VW bug tube $For Sale
PHILIPS, SEAN - Sleeper #7 cover, by Ed Brubaker 2004 $For Sale
PHILLIPS, JOE - DC Living Legends painting JLA $For Sale
PODWIL, JEROME - Sinister House of Secret Love #2 lrg painted cover $For Sale
POPE, ROBERT - Batman- Brave and Bold #13 cover, Bats with Plastic Man, Shazam, Plastic Man + $For sale or trade
POPE, ROBERT - Cartoon Network Block Party, Camp Lazlo, Johnny Bravo $For Sale
PORTER, HOWARD - Grant Morrison' JLA #37 cover- Oracle (Batgirl), Batman, Superman $For sale or trade
QUESADA, JOE - Crusible #1 cover , The Black Hood $For sale or trade
QUESADA, JOE - Shadow Strikes #27 cover, Shadow , Margo off cliff $For Sale
QUESADA, JOE - Shadow Strikes #29 cover, Shadow leaps from auto-gyro plane $For Sale
RANDALL, RON - Arak #36, a half man/half serpent grabs Arak's date $For sale or trade
RANDALL, RON - Arak Annual #1 cover Please Inquire
RANDALL, RON - Conqueror of the Barren Earth #1 cover $Trade or sale
RANDALL, RON - Conqueror of the Barren Earth #2 cover $Sale or trade
RANDALL, RON - Conqueror of the Barren Earth #4 cover $Trade or sale
REINHOLD, BILL - Batman Legend of Dark Knight #155 cover $For Sale
RIVOCHE, PAUL - Action #749 cover, Superman in Kandor $For Sale
ROBERTSON, DARRICK - Justice League Europe #31 cover, Powergirl $For Sale
ROBINSON, ANDREW - Detective Comic #852 cover, Hush as Bruce Wayne $For Sale
SADOWSKI, STEPHEN & MICHAEL BAIR - JSA Secret Files #1 cover, Justice Society $FOR SALE
SCOTT, DAMION - Batgirl #24 cover (no overlay) Bruce Wayne murderer part 2, 2002 $For Sale
SCOTT, DAMION - Batgirl #24 cover, Bruce Wayne murderer part 2, 2002 $For Sale
SCOTT, DAMION - Batgirl #34 cover, Batgirl & Batman $For Sale
SCOTT, NICOLA / DOUG HAZLEWOOD - Teen Titans #91 cover $For Sale or trade
SCOTT, NICOLA / DOUG HAZLEWOOD - Wonder Girl #1 cover $For Sale or Trade
SEARS, BART - Justice League Europe #25 cover with Powergirl $For sale or trade
SEGOVIA, STEPHEN - Green Lantern #28 / Red Lanterns #28 flip book cover, Hal Jordan & Guy Gardner on Ysmault, home of Red Lanterns $For Sale
SEMEIKS, Val - Demon #3 cover, with Batman $For Sale
SEPULVEDA, M.A. - Green Lantern #66 cover, War of the Green Lanterns $For Sale
SEPULVEDA, MIGUEL - Superman/Batman #85 cover, final Bat & Supes art with the final, published version of corpse on overlay $For Sale
SEPULVEDA, MIGUEL - Superman/Batman #85 cover, final Bat & Supes art with the horrific, DC censored victim art $For Sale
SHAW, SCOTT - Capt Carrot #10 cover, team vs Wuz-Wolf $For Sale
SHAW, SCOTT - Capt Carrot #8 cover, time-villian, melted watch & backgrounds ala Salvador Dali NEW $For sale or trade
SILVA, RB - Superboy #13 cover, DC's New 52 $For Sale
SMITH, BOB - Batman Gotham Adventures #57 cover; Riddler, Robin $For sale or trade
SMITH, TOD - Omega Men #13 cover $Sale or trade
SNYDER, JOHN K - Suicide Squad #7 cover Please Inquire
SNYDER, JOHN K - Suicide Squad #8 cover Please Inquire
STATON, JOE - Green Lantern #10 cover, Guy Gardner and GNort $For sale or trade
STATON, JOE - Green Lantern #148 cover, Green Lantern is ripped away from Carrol Farris to aid Abin Sur's planet! NEW $INQUIRE FOR PRICE
STATON, JOE - Huntress DC Video Box cover $$
SURIANO, ANDY - Batman the Brave and the Bold #22 cover, Batman and Aquaman trapped by the Ocean Master! $For sale or trade
TEMPLETON, TY- Justice League Unlimited #27 cover, Parasite defeats team $For sale or trade
TORRES, ANGELO - Flash #1 CBS cover - Flash vs reviewers 1990 NEW $F
VAN SCIVER, ETHAN - JSA #63 cover, Justice Society - "Wake the Sandman" $FOR SALE
VELLUTO, SAL - JUstice League Task Force # 4 cover, Manhunter, Gypsy & Lady Silva 1993 $for sale
Wasteland #10 DC painted cover - On Ebay! $On Ebay
WEST, KEVIN - Justice League America #85 cover, Ice $For sale or trade
WILLIAMS II, FREDDIE - Flash #240 cover, Flash vs his classic villain; Gorrilla Grodd! - with logo overlay $For sale or trade
WILLIAMS, DAVID - Star Trek & Green Lantern #5 Cover, Kirk, Spock & GL $For Sale
WILLIAMS, DAVID - Teen Titans #23 cover - 2014 $For SALE
WILLIAMS, DAVID -DC Who's Who of Impact #1 - Maxx-13 $For Sale
WILLIAMS, JH - Judge Dredd #11 cover, funeral for Dredd $For Sale
WILLIAMS, JH - Judge Dredd #12 cover, funeral for Dredd $For Sale
WOJTKIEWICZ, CHUCK - JLA #99 cover, Wonder Woman, Hawkman vs the Strange Brood $email for prices
WOODS, PETE - Countdown, Final Crisis #17 cover (ala Joe Kubert OAAW #195) Green Lantern, Troia, Robin2 $For sale or trade
WOODS, PETE - Firestorm #34 cover Please Inquire
YEATES, TOM - Saga of the Swamp Thing #19 cover, death of Arcane. Leads into new origin by Alan Moore NEW Please Inquire
ZACHARY, DEAN - Green Lantern Annual #3 cover 1994 $For sale or trade



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