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Coollinesartwork updated ! 4 super-grails revealed on the Comic-Con - Friday July 21 20023 

Golden-age cover by a master artist of multiple mediums This is one of only THREE surviving cover
originals of this kind. An adventure / hero cover, done  pre-World War Two by one of the most popular
comic artists of that time period and beyond!
Large size Silver-Age DC cover, one of the top three superheroes! 
Drawn by one of the greatest Silver-Age to Bronze-Age artist of all time. 
This is first and only large size example of this hero by this artist.
 Silver-Age Marvel page by master comic book artist - Jack Kirby.
Not only from an early key issue, but it is also of multi grail importance.
Shows the cover scene for this historic issue...and is the FIRST appearance
of the major villain for the Marvel comic book and Cinematic Universe. 
Fresh 1980's Uncanny X-Men cover, the most collectible superhero team!
by one of the top and most popular artists of the modern X-Men series. 
Drawn by an artist who had one of the longest and most memorable runs on the title.
Raising this issue's cover and story to an even higher level of grail desirability,
it has the first appearances of many important characters and villains
Plus, here is a link to the fresh listings:
which includes these highlights below:
ADAMS, ART - Hulk #7 cover + more of Art's vintage Marvel cover and pages-
ADAMS, NEAL - Showcase #80 Phantom Stranger Cover + more of Neal's pages and strips
BACHALO, CHRIS - Neil Gaiman' DEATH: "High Cost Of Living" #2 complete 26 pg story art
                                     + Chris'  Marvel covers and GenX #1 pages
BUSCEMA, JOHN- Avengers #105 cover + more of John's Marvel covers  
BYRNE, JOHN - Alpha Flight #22 cover + more of John's Marvel/ DC covers 
COCKRUM- Giant Size Xmen #1 1st Wolverine page + more or Dave's Marvel covers/ pages
CRANDALL, REED - Feature Comics #71 Dollman 1943 pg + more of Reed's 1950s pages
DITKO, STEVE - Strange Tales #125 Doctor Strange twice-up pg + more of Steve's covers/ pages 
EVERETT, BILL -  Alter-Ego cover Submariner/Hulk illo 1967 + more of Bill's pages
FRAZETTA, FRANK - Johnny Comet 2-panel daily 12/30 + more of Frank's daily art
FOSTER, HAL - Tarzan #320 Sunday 1937 + more of Hal's strip art
GIBBONS, DAVE - Alan Moore'  Watchmen #9 pg 5 (Dr Manhatten & Silk Spectre)  + more of Dave's DC art
GULACY, PAUL - Venom painted Marvel Overstreet cover + more of Paul's DC covers/ pages
HERNANDEZ, JAIME & BETO- Love & Rockets #4 Cover + more of Los Bros covers/ pages
KANE, GIL - Giant Size Amazing Spiderman #5 cover + more of Gil's Marvel covers
KELLY, WALT - Pogo 1963 Sunday (Dick Tracy & Orphan Annie) + more of Walt's Pogo page/strips 
KIRBY, JACK / AYERS - Avengers #8 twice-up pg 2 semi-splash, + more of Jack's Avengers #8 pgs
KIRBY, JACK / SINNOTT - Fantastic Four #55 twice-up /solo Silver Surfer pg + more Silver Surfer art
KIETH, SAM - Venom #8 cover painting; Wolverine and Venom + more of Sam's Wolverine art
MILLER, FRANK - The Elektra Saga #1 wraparound cover 1983 + more of Frank's Marvel covers
MANNING, RUSS - Star Wars dailies + more of Russ's Magnus art 
PREMIANI, BRUNO - Doom Patrol #119 pg 1 splash + more of Bruno's Doom Patrol pages
ROMITA, JOHN - Amazing Spiderman #110 Spiderman vs Gibbon cover + more of John's Marvel covers
TUSKA, GEORGE - Ironman #20 Cover, with Xmen's Lucifer + more of George's covers/pages
TUFFS, WARREN - Casey Ruggles Sunday 3/18 1951 + more of Warren's sundays/ dailies 
STARLIN, JIM / EVERETT - Crypt of Shadows #2 horror cover  + more of Jim's covers/ pages
STERANKO, JIM - X-Men #50 pg 11 semi-splash + another of Jim's XMen pages 
STEVENS, DAVE - Bionic Woman tonal painting- also signed by L. Wagner
WRIGHTSON, BERNI - 1'st Kull cover - Tower Of Shadows #10 cover + more of Berni's DC artwork 
WOOD, WALLY - Plop #19 cover + more of Wally's Sally Forth/ Canon sundays
Please let me know which pieces interest you.
It would be great to know what artwork you might free up to trade.  
Here is a link to my full want list including- - important comic strip artwork from the 1880s to the present; Superman twice-up covers, stories, pages; Alex Toth pencil/ inked art from 1940s- 1970s mystery artwork in DC, b&w Warren, Seaboard magazines etc.; art from Alan Moore stories (especially Watchmen #4 & #6); Neil Gaiman's Sandman #1-75 and his scripted spinoffs, X-Men art from main two titles:
We are also posting some special ebay auctions with lowered prices...
cell 650 814 7165
Comic book and newspaper strip artwork...
bought sold and traded

email coollinesart@aol.com




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