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Coollinesartwork updated !! Adams - Wrightson

Hi my fellow collectors,

I have been updating my art collection website for the holidays. I've added plenty of rare covers, pages, strips at www.coollinesartwork.com
I normally prefer to trade for my comicart rarities (and I still will), but I am open to negotiating cash sales too.
Plus, I'm willing to work with time payments, part-trades, etc..

So, here is a link to the fresh listings:

which includes these highlights below:
ADAMS, ART - Hulk #7 cover + more of Art's vintage Marvel cover and pages-
ADAMS, NEAL - Showcase #80 Phantom Stranger Cover + more of Neal's pages and strips
BACHALO, CHRIS - Neil Gaiman' DEATH: "High Cost Of Living" #2 complete 26 pg story art
                                     + Chris'  Marvel covers and GenX #1 pages
BUSCEMA, JOHN- Avengers #105 cover + more of John's Marvel covers  
BYRNE, JOHN - Alpha Flight #22 cover + more of John's Marvel/ DC covers 
COCKRUM- Giant Size Xmen #1 1st Wolverine page + more or Dave's Marvel covers/ pages
CRANDALL, REED - Feature Comics #71 Dollman 1943 pg + more of Reed's 1950s pages
DITKO, STEVE - Strange Tales #125 Doctor Strange twice-up pg + more of Steve's covers/ pages 
EVERETT, BILL -  Alter-Ego cover Submariner/Hulk illo 1967 + more of Bill's pages
FRAZETTA, FRANK - Johnny Comet 2-panel daily 12/30 + more of Frank's daily art
FOSTER, HAL - Tarzan #320 Sunday 1937 + more of Hal's strip art
GIBBONS, DAVE - Alan Moore'  Watchmen #9 pg 5 (Dr Manhatten & Silk Spectre)  + more of Dave's DC art
GULACY, PAUL - Venom painted Marvel Overstreet cover + more of Paul's DC covers/ pages
HERNANDEZ, JAIME & BETO- Love & Rockets #4 Cover + more of Los Bros covers/ pages
KANE, GIL - Giant Size Amazing Spiderman #5 cover + more of Gil's Marvel covers
KELLY, WALT - Pogo 1963 Sunday (Dick Tracy & Orphan Annie) + more of Walt's Pogo page/strips 
KIRBY, JACK / AYERS - Avengers #8 twice-up pg 2 semi-splash, + more of Jack's Avengers #8 pgs
KIRBY, JACK / SINNOTT - Fantastic Four #55 twice-up /solo Silver Surfer pg + more Silver Surfer art
KIETH, SAM - Venom #8 cover painting; Wolverine and Venom + more of Sam's Wolverine art
MILLER, FRANK - The Elektra Saga #1 wraparound cover 1983 + more of Frank's Marvel covers
MANNING, RUSS - Star Wars dailies + more of Russ's Magnus art 
PREMIANI, BRUNO - Doom Patrol #119 pg 1 splash + more of Bruno's Doom Patrol pages
ROMITA, JOHN - Amazing Spiderman #110 Spiderman vs Gibbon cover + more of John's Marvel covers
TUSKA, GEORGE - Ironman #20 Cover, with Xmen's Lucifer + more of George's covers/pages
TUFFS, WARREN - Casey Ruggles Sunday 3/18 1951 + more of Warren's sundays/ dailies 
STARLIN, JIM / EVERETT - Crypt of Shadows #2 horror cover  + more of Jim's covers/ pages
STERANKO, JIM - X-Men #50 pg 11 semi-splash + another of Jim's XMen pages 
STEVENS, DAVE - Bionic Woman tonal painting- also signed by L. Wagner
WRIGHTSON, BERNI - 1'st Kull cover - Tower Of Shadows #10 cover + more of Berni's DC artwork 
WOOD, WALLY - Plop #19 cover + more of Wally's Sally Forth/ Canon sundays

Please let me know which pieces interest you.
It would be great to know what artwork you might free up to trade.  
Here is a link to my full want list including- - important comic strip artwork from the 1880s to the present; Superman twice-up covers, stories, pages; Alex Toth pencil/ inked art from 1940s- 1970s mystery artwork in DC, b&w Warren, Seaboard magazines etc.; art from Alan Moore stories (especially Watchmen #4 & #6); Neil Gaiman's Sandman #1-75 and his scripted spinoffs, X-Men art from main two titles:
We are also posting some special ebay auctions with lowered prices...
cell 650 814 7165
Comic book and newspaper strip artwork...
bought sold and traded

email coollinesart@aol.com




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