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Bob Oksner

OKSNER, BOB - Angel & Ape #1, classic DC humor/satire series page 18

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Bob Oksner Penciller

Angel and the Ape (1968 1st Series) #1
Published Dec 1968 by DC

Characters: Angel O'Day; Sam Simeon; Stan Bragg; Professor Klutz

"The Case of the Going, Going, Gone Go Go Girls"

Script: John Albano
Pencils: Bob Oksner
Angel is posing for Sam, who is as ever on a tight comics deadline, when a couple of repo men show up and begin removing the office furniture. It seems the rent was due over a month ago! In an unlikely misunderstanding, Angel finds herself carted off by the men as she stands posed statue-like.
Sam reacts angrily, but becomes strangely hypnotized by a vacant-looking go-go dancer, and Angel sends him away. Concerned at their lack of money, Angel applies for a dancing gig at the local go-go club. It seems that the position is vacant because recently a lot of dancers have been mysteriously disappearing. The creepy owner is taken with her beauty and eagerly snaps her up. When word of the gorgeous new arrival spreads around town, dozens of men are soon to be found beating down the door to the club. Meanwhile, Sam is at home playing his sitar. He receives a telegram from Stan Bragg, and quickly makes his way to Brain Pix Comicals. There, Bragg belittles the artist, scrawls all over the drawings, and rewrites the credits to wildly exaggerate his own contribution. Hmmm…
All over town cute, yet vacant-eyed, go-go girls are relieving people of money. At a nearby college laboratory, the mad Professor Klutz has invented a mind-stealing machine. A trapdoor beneath the go-go club provides the machine with victims — hence the go-go crime spree. Sam ends up at the go-go club to watch Angel perform. While taking a break Angel is kidnapped by Klutz, and Sam goes in hot pursuit. Things don’t go as planned, however, and Sam ends up unconscious in the gorilla cage at the zoo. There he gets a lot of unwanted attention from the female — lipstick wearing! — gorillas, who are fairly besotted by this hunky specimen of gorilla hood.
Klutz attempts to use his machine to brainwash Angel, but Sam bursts in in the nick of time. A dozen go-go dancers attack Sam, but he manages to force Klutz to disable the machine, and the girls come out of their trance. Klutz is carted off by the police, and Angel picks up the reward money — and so is able to pay her rent.
All’s well that ends well… except, waiting at home for the unsuspecting Sam is a gaggle of love-struck lady gorillas!

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