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Bob Brown

BROWN, BOB - Avengers #116 pg, Vision & Scarlet Witch vs Silver Surfer / Avengers vs Defenders

Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
Artists: Mike Esposito Inker
Bob Brown Penciller

Marvel repositioned the bottom artwork panel
Avengers (1963 1st Series) #116
Tags: Avengers/Defenders War (part 3)
Published Oct 1973 by Marvel.

"Betrayal!" Avengers-Defenders crossover. Part 3 of 8. Guest-starring the Defenders. Script by Steve Englehart.
Pencils by Bob Brown. Inks by Mike Esposito.
Story continues from Defenders 8. Earth's Mightiest Heroes visit Dr. Strange's townhouse in Greenwich Village and request permission to enter, but Wong slams the door in their faces! After an angry Thor breaks down the door, the Avengers storm inside, but a mystic spell sweeps them back out onto the street! Meanwhile gathered around the Orb of Agamotto, the Defenders put together a plan to find the six pieces of the Evil Eye. However, in the dark realm, Loki has grown suspicious of his dreadful ally! And contacts the Avengers to tell them about the Defenders' search for the ancient instrument from Avalon! So the die is cast! And the blockbuster battles are about to begin! Flashback cameos by Prester John, Wyatt Wingfoot, and the Human Torch to recap the history of the Evil Eye.
Next Chapter: "The Silver Surfer vs. the Vision and the Scarlet Witch" The Avengers-Defenders Clash kicks into high gear as members of both teams span the globe to searching for the Evil Eye! And the first showdown features two of the most popular Marvel super-heroes of the 1970's! The Silver Surfer arrives in French Polynesia and plunges into the island's indigenous volcano to look for the Evil Eye. But the cosmic sky-rider's probing triggers a volcanic eruption! The fiery blast knocks a passing quinjet out of the sky and nearly kills the Scarlet Witch! Needless to say this act enrages the synthezoid avenger! And in the heart of the raging volcano, the Vision and the Silver Surfer fight for the Evil Eye!
Story continues in Defenders 9.

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